About Us

Mission Statement

We strive to educate the public on the wise use of industrial oils. 40% of which end up being released into the environment, either down the drain, into landfills, from roadway runoffs, accidental spills or disasters. All of this is causing considerable damage to our environment. Instead of dealing with the symptom, let’s cure part of the cause. Look for non toxic, eco friendly industrial lubricants and oils.


Jonathon C. Wisyn – CEO and Founder
Born and raised into an oil family in the great state of Texan, Jon has always had his fingers in oil one way or another. But after having kids of his own, preserving the environment became another passion. Wisyn Oil is a marriage of the two.

Gary M. Baker – COO – BSc, Petroleum Engineering
While there is huge demand for Gary’s skill set, it was time to retire from a demanding profession. With interests that meshed with Jon’s and a desire to keep busy, he jumped at the chance to come on board.

Advisory Board

Joseph T. Rodriguez – BSc Biological Sciences
Joe shares with us his knowledge of Upstream oil and gas reclamation and remediation.