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Obstacles to Green Lubrication

9 Nov , 2015  

The eco-friendliness of products are becoming the selling point of many businesses. But this trend does not seem to apply when it comes to lubrication. The biodegradable lubricants have been around for quite some time now but the number of machine shops that use these products are still far too few.  A big reason why machine shops are slow to make the change has to do with information and routine.

green lubricantsThere are two basic approaches to green lubrication. The first is to search for ways to eliminate or minimize the amount of lubricants being disposed in the environment. The second is to make use of products that are suited for environment-sensitive applications. The heavy involvement of government agencies drives the implementation of practices for the first approach.

And although agencies are trying, this level of influence does not extend to the types of products.

It is hard for people who have been using the same lubrication products for years with the desired results to shift to a new lubricant. There are risks involving costs and performance which the current economy makes it hard for businesses to take. The government cannot force shops to use lubrication products unless they are willing to cover the losses resulting from such changes. A good amount of knowledge regarding products and practices are needed to guide decisions towards eco-friendly or green lubrication.

Biodegradable lubricants degrade when exposed to certain microorganisms. And although this property is beneficial to the environment, this also results to shorter life of the lubricant. Not all lubrication applications are free from microbial contaminants.

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