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Oil for Cleaning Chrome

29 Jun , 2015  

Chrome is a popular surface finishing technique used for metal and plastic objects. Chrome finish is used for many decorative and practical purposes. The luster of polished chrome is very elegant. Chrome creates a hard-wearing protective barrier against abrasion and corrosion. However, chrome is not invulnerable. Leaving chrome unprotected from moisture and other elements can compromise its appearance and protective ability. Chrome plated items and equipment must be regularly cleaned.

chrome cleaning

cleaning of chrome

There are many kinds of fancy cleaning products in stores that are supposedly designed for cleaning chrome. There are many products boasting advanced technology powering its cleaning capability. This can be quite confusing for someone looking for the best cleaning product. Despite the all the advanced competitions, the simple all-purpose oil is still one of the best cleaning product for chrome. This kind of oil can be used for cleaning and as a lubricant for simple tasks.

There are cleaning products that rely on certain chemicals improve its cleaning power. Some of these chemicals are damaging to chrome. In order to remove stains and dirt, these chemicals also strips off the chrome plating little by little.

An all purpose oil is easy and safe to use for cleaning. Simply apply oil on the surface that needs cleaning and let it soak for around a minute or two. Stains or buildups from corrosion are softened and can be removed by a brush. A nylon brush is enough for most cleaning duty. A steel wire brush can be used for more difficult to remove stains and dirt for hard chrome.

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