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Rust on Chrome Plating?

19 May , 2015  

There many finishing methods used to protect metal from corrosion. The protection offered differ according to the type of finish. Chrome plating is finishing method where a thin layer of chromium is electroplated onto a metal object. It can also be used for certain types of plastic.


Chrome plating provides a very good protection against corrosion. It creates a barrier that prevents the metal to react with the moisture in the air. It also used for decorative purposes. In increases the hardness of the surface of an object and makes cleaning easier. lubricants are often used for cleaning chrome surfaces. There are main types of chrome plating, the decorative and hard chrome. Decorative chrome, as implied by the name, is used to make objects more aesthetically pleasing and adds a bit of durability. Hard chrome is widely used in industrial setting to reduce friction and improve resistance against abrasion and corrosion. It is often also used as a filler or bulking material to restore worn parts into their original shape or dimension.


The thicker the chrome plating, the better protection it provides against oxidation. Its thickness, however, comes with a price. As the plate becomes thicker, surface imperfection are also amplified and will require further processes such as polishing. Thick chrome plating are also prone to chipping.


Chrome plating itself is not invulnerable against oxidation. Leaving a chrome plated object in a place with high humidity will result to the plating developing some rust or staining. The rust is relatively easy to remove. A stiff nylon brush and a 3-in-1 lubricating oil is often sufficient enough for cleaning rust on chrome plating.
There are some other chemicals that are used for cleaning chrome and metal surfaces. However, some of these chemicals have been found to cause degradation on the surface of the metal or the plating. Be careful when using such cleaning chemicals.

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