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Comparison of Aluminum-Complex and Lithium-Complex Grease

22 Jun , 2015  

There are various kinds of industrial grease that are available. Certain kinds of greases are more popular than the others. This is the case with aluminum-complex and lithium-complex grease with the latter being the more popular kind. More manufacturers produce lithium-complex greases and this is not only because of the demand of the consumer.

mechanical gears

mechanical gears

In terms of performance, the two kinds of grease are very similar with the aluminum-complex grease edging out in certain aspects. The issue with aluminum-complex grease that hinders its popularity is its higher price. To many operations managers, its advantages in terms of performance not enough to justify the price. The end result is that aluminum-complex greases becomes a last resort. It is only selected if there is no other choice.

The difference in performance between the these two kinds of greases depend on the manufacturing process and formulation used by the lubrication company. In order to accurately evaluate whether it is worth using one over the other, comparison information from the lubrication company itself must be seen and analyzed.

Although the cost by and large puts aluminum-complex grease at a disadvantage, there are aspects in which it normally has advantage over lithium-complex greases. Aluminum-complex greases are generally more resistant against oxidation and water washout. These properties, however, are still dependent on the actual formulation. A weakness of aluminum-complex greases is work stability.

Work stability is the ability of a grease to withstand recurring working while having only minimal change in its consistency or structure. In other words, these aluminum-complex greases might break down more easily and not be able to maintain its consistency.