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Why Environmentally Friendly Lubricants are Safer

25 Sep , 2014  

With the growing understanding on environmental destruction and devastation, manufacturers of different products like lubricants for industry have started to make a way to develop products that cause the least destruction to the environment and meet the demand of the public. While biodegradation used to be the determinant of whether a product is eco friendly or not, other factors are now being considered in assessing the environmental friendliness of certain products. For several reasons, purchasing and using environmentally friendly industry lubricants is safer and more acceptable. Before buying any industrial lubricant, it is important for you to understand the benefits of using an eco friendly one.

Why-Environmentally-Friendly-Lubricants-are-SaferWhy Environmentally Friendly Lubricants are Safer?

Industrial lubricants are very important for several different reasons. Without lubricants, machinery and equipment in an industry may not be able to function the way they should. Petroleum-based lubricants used to be the number one choice for lubrication but today, plant-based or biodegradable lubricants are well preferred. The following are some of the reasons why eco friendly lubricants are safer and more beneficial:

1. Less toxicity

Eco friendly industry lubricants are less toxic. Over the years, toxicity levels have been tested through several forms of toxicity tests. Studies have shown that eco friendly lubricants, compared to the rest, are significantly less poisonous and safe for regular use. This means that industrial workers who are tasked to lubricate equipment regularly have very little risk of developing toxic chemical-related injuries.

2. No harsh smell

Products which are eco-friendly do not smell as harsh as other industrial lubricants. Harsh smell often causes irritation not only on the nasal mucosa but to the entire respiratory system. Industrial lubricants made of eco friendly materials are definitely safe for humans, including pets.

3. Less pollution

The use of environmentally friendly industry lubricants can also be beneficial in saving the environment and preventing its further destruction. Eco-friendly lubricants are neutral in water and do not cause pollution of water forms such as rivers and seas. The product eventually decomposes and returns to the environment without causing damage.

Being a renewable source, eco friendly lubricants will never run out. Unless abused by humans, individuals can always have a source of lubricants which work perfectly as non-biodegradable ones. The production of eco friendly lubricants also helps reduce dependence on foreign oil which has been the cause of disputes for a long time.

Help protect the environment and your health while you protect your industry. Patronize only eco friendly industrial lubricants.

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